UV mini sterilizer – 99.9% perfect sterilization in 20 minutes – Made in Korea




Pink Color, Blue Color




The small, cute Lucanus Mini Sterilizer makes it easy to disinfect your care tools anywhere.

01. 99.9% perfect sterilization with UV ultraviolet rays
In just 20 minutes. Perfect sterilization is possible in a simple way.

02. Economical and convenient to carry
Small and cute mini size allows easy and convenient sterilization management.

03. Chromium plating sterilization trade
The chrome-plated tray reflects light, so beauty tools and props can be sterilized.

04. Sterilization and storage at the same time
It can be used to store beauty tools on the table, and can be provided as a service that sterilizes customers’ belongings (smartphone, cosmetics).


How to use

1. Open the lower part of the product.
2. Remove the sterilization tray
3. Put beauty tools or accessories to be sterilized in the sterilization tray.
When the door is closed, it automatically turns on and starts sterilization for 20 minutes.


1. Do not look at the UV lamp directly.
2. Do not apply severe impact or immerse in water
3. Keep the inside clean
4. Do not push the USB too hard.




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