the NAMIE Water Decal Nail Sticker




WD-016, WD-020, Sea Side






How to Use

1. Clean your nails
2. In case of color gel, wipe off uncured gel after curing.
3. For normal nails, dry thoroughly.
4. Cut the design and remove the transparent film on the back side.
5. Make sure that the designed surface comes into contact with your nails, so make sure it is close.
6. Wet the back of the paper with water and press it lightly for 10-20 seconds (no need to soak it in water)
7. Remove the paper slowly
8. Apply top gel or top coat to finish.


Differences from existing water decals

Do not soak in water.
Do not separate design directly.
Does not overlap or fold.
Just 1-2 drops of water!
There is a guide design, so you can get it right where you want it!
Follow the design you thought in an instant!

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