Pink Foot File & Nail Care Set of 8




Pint Foot File, Pink Foot File & Nail Care Set of 8


Pink Foot file & Nail Care Set of 8


Stainless material, soft and perfect foot file for keratin care!

Washable, disinfectable, lightweight and comfortable grip!


01. The rough, fine and double-sided fabric makes the keratin perfectly smooth.
02. Stainless steel material is very hygienic because it can be sterilized with hot water, high-temperature steam sterilizer, and ultraviolet sterilizer.
03. Dry and wet polishing is possible.
04. Long product life, excellent abrasive power and very light.

2-way Foot File

Coarse: Used to quickly remove hard and thick keratin.
Fine: If you use it after polishing with the 1st rough surface, it will smooth and soften the dead skin cells.




Product composition essential for nail care
All Products Professional Quality
Reasonable composition and price

(Pusher, file, and sanding files will be sent in random order)



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