Ohave Facial Caring Sheet Mask 25ml


A vegan soothing mask for cooling and calming skin using biodegradable sheet paper, eco-friendly vinyl, sugar cane paper, and soybean oil printing package that. Helps quick skin soothing of all skin types.


1 sheet mask, 10 sheet mask

After opening the mask pack, attach it to the face well and take it off after resting for about 15-20 minutes. Lightly pat the serum remaining on the skin for better absorption.



Born with the mind of good skin health and love for the earth, OHAVE is a high performing vegan beauty skincare brand from Korea. They focus on the essentials skincare without compromising on the ingredients used. Ohave continuously carries out in-depth research on the balance of vegan beauty and plant derived ingredients used to provide a healthy and sustainable beauty culture.

It helps for the rapid skin of all skin types. Biodegradable sheet, eco-friendly vinyl, sugarcane paper, Using a soybean oil printing package A vegan soothing mask sheet for cooling and skin calmingHow to Use





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