Vegan certified plant based serum that is packed with 43% cherry tree fruit extracts for a glowing, glass skin effect. This serum strengthens the skin and maintains skin balance with botanic biome ingredients for a smother and healthier skin. This serum also contains melantonin which is an adaptogen- powerful anti-stress for the skin. All the ingredients are EWG Green Grade certified. A 100% vegan essential line that strengthens the natural strength of moist and clear skin and maintains skin balance with botanic biome ingredients. It contains Organic Machihyun Fermented Extract. Steamed purslane, which has been used as a medicinal plant since ancient times, is dried and fermented. Alpha-linolenic acid, a representative omega-3 fatty acid, is about 15 times higher than that of lettuce, so it has an excellent effect of excreting toxins from the body. Also another active ingredient is Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate. It represents beneficial bacteria on the skin.    


OHAVE proposes high-performance vegan beauty that effectively draws out the skin’s natural power.

Just as important as removing it is to not miss the essence of skin care.

OHAVE studies in-depth research on the balance of vegan beauty that can be filled with firmness and emptying.

We provide a healthy and sustainable beauty culture through skin care products that use ingredients derived from plant materials and have meticulously verified safety and efficacy.


A 100% vegan essential line that strengthens the natural strength of moist and clear skin and maintains skin balance with botanic biome ingredients.





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