This is a medical marker for cosmetic procedure of the eyebrow reflex.
It is convenient to compare the length of both eyebrows with the tape measure.
For eyebrows only, do not use on eyelashes or lips.

The pen itself shows up to 6cm so you can measure it and treat it immediately.

Medical marker used for surgery!   Safe to Your Skin!

Advanced dual marker pens allow you to draw both thick and thin lines at the same time.
It is easy to mark with clean, smooth paint.



How to Use Marker Pen and Precautions

1. If you use a product that contains a lot of alcohol when using the first cream, the marker pen will spread or be erased.

2. If you mark your skin with a lot of make-up or oil powder, remove the oil and waste before you start working.

3. Marking marks on dry skin do not wash well.

4. Do not press a marker pen on the skin and mark it by placing it at 90 degrees to make a light point guide.

(Because the tip of the marker is in the form of a triangular shape, it is recommended to mark it with a thin and clean marking.)

5. If a marker is pressed and the ink spreads out a lot or works before the ink dries, it is well erased by the cream

(please wait for the marker to dry sufficiently)

6. Marking marks that remain after work can be erased by wiping with cleansing cream or alcohol.


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