Donawa Nail Glue 7.5g + Wood Stick Set, Glue Remover 15g




Nail Glue 7.5g, Glue Remover 15g, Nail glue 7.5g + Glue Remover 15g Set



Nail glue 7.5g

It is good for extending and repairing nails, and it is used for attaching nail tips to natural nails or for nails used for silk treatment.
Brush type: 7.5 glue is a large-capacity brush type that is easy to apply and is manufactured in the form of an entrance that is convenient to adjust the capacity of the glue.

Glue Remover 15g
It is a remover used to remove the residue of nail glue. It uses high-quality raw materials and has less odor and irritation.

3 wood sticks
Wood stick used to attach stones with glue or remove nail tips
Used for multiple purposes

How to use glue 2g, 7.5g
Use 2g glue after cutting 2 ~ 3mm  from the top with scissors-be careful not to flow the glue.
7.5g glue has a brush on the lid, so it is easy to adjust the amount and easy to apply- Ready to use
– Applying glue and fixing it for a few seconds after attaching it to the nail increases adhesion
– Apply base gel on natural nails first to prevent glue from directly touching the nails

How to use glue remover:
01. Apply enough glue remover to the wood stick.
02. Open the gap between the nail and tip with a wood stick with glue.
– Be aware that nails are damaged if you forcibly strengthen them.
03. If there is a gap in stages and it does not come off easily, apply more glue remover.
– Most easily fall when the gap begins to open.
04. After removing the nail tip completely, wipe off the remaining residue with a glue remover on a cotton pad.
– Do not scratch with nails, put a cotton pad on for a while and wipe it off.







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