Moolda Strobing Skin Cushion

As an experienced skin cushion user I have very high expectations on cushion products. To me, a good skin cushion has to deliver both a good coverage and a luminous complexion with a nice dewy finish. Amazingly, Moolda Strobing Skin Cushion achieved more than just this.

Coverage – Moolda Strobing Skin Cushion has a medium to high coverage, one layer was enough to conceal my blemishes and the redness of my skin and give me a natural and even skin tone. However, if you prefer a full coverage, you simply need to build up another layer on the necessary areas.

Formula – Moolda Strobing Skin Cushion has fine and non-oxidised foundation particles which makes it easy to apply and blend seamlessly into the skin. I have dry skin, but with Moolda Strobing Skin Cushion I did not need to use any setting powder to increase longevity, and found that it still had a fresh luminous glow throughout the whole day.

Colour tone – My skin is relatively pale among Asians. I noticed that most Korean skin cushions have a warm beige tone, which tends to be a bit too yellow for my skin. However, Moolda Strobing Skin Cushion in light Beige has a very neutral tone which gives my skin a natural and evenly matched look.

Protection – Moolda Strobing Skin Cushion has a SPF 50+ PA+++. We all know that sun damage is the biggest enemy with ageing. I prefer the skin cushion to include this extra protection, but I normally continue to use sun screen under it.

Finally, I would highly recommend this to those of us with dry skin, or combination skin, or anyone who has a busy life style. It is a convenient base make up solution which provides a natural brightening effect, a nice dewy finish and good sun protection


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