Rimac Deep Care Rich Lip Balm 16.2ml,


Forms a continuous protective film on dry and chapped lips to maintain moisture The oil formulation, which applies like a thin moisture film, is light even if applied over and over, and has a soft luster without greasiness. Contains no harmful ingredients such as parabens, alcohol and artificial pigments. The tocopherol and fullerene components of vitamin E demonstrate powerful antioxident effects, which remove free radicals that cause anti- aging to keep the lips fresh and moist.
  • Protects lips including lip chap
  • Simultaneously soothes and protects sensitive lips
  • Contains tocopherol, Vitamin E
  • Contains free radical removal & anti-aging ‘Fullerene’
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Non-sticky moisture with a sweet natural fragrance



How beautifully light was shining on you long before they ever noticed you.

Nutrient-Dense and formulated for sensitive skin a lip balm that provides moisture via a protective barrier.

  • Hypoallergenic, high-nutrition lip balm that provides healthy care with a moist moisturizing film


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