Mostive Gel Nail Polish – NON WIPE PARTS GEL


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Use Glue to Attach Stone or Pats!
High adhesive, high viscosity gel is low, so it’s good to fix the pats!
No department phenomenon compared to glue!
NON WIPE type with no hardening left.


How to use

1. Put a proper amount of the pats gel on the part where you want to put them.

2. Design with Pats

3. Conduct a 30 second curling.



1. This product is made without any trace and is sensitive to light.
Leave the lid open and use it for a long time.


2. This is a non-floating product that may appear foggy when used in large quantities.
You can use a small amount of them to attach the parts to make them transparent.


3. It’s a viscous product, so it doesn’t pat when you put it on!


4. A very comfortable Parts gel with no trace left!


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