NEW GelishGel Nail Polish – Brush On Builder Gel 15ml





By popular demand, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Gelish Brush-On Builder Gel for nail technicians that want one bottle for all enhancement services.

The new Brush-On Builder is an all-in-one gel product that can extend, overlay, build, and create nail art. This LED-cured gel coat has a unique self-leveling formula that provides perfect control to prevent sidewall flooding! Clients will love the lightweight, life-proof length and strength that gives weeks of dazzling wear.

Gelish Brush-On Builder is taking nails to new lengths with convenience, using forms or tips, for one-bottle enhancement services! Brush on gorgeous and longer-lasting gel polish and lacquer services! Layer on to create curvaceous, structurally strong, and long nails. Our advanced, bubble-free, crystal-clear formula forms the perfect platform for stunning nail art and 3-D encapsulation!

There’s So Much To Love About Gelish Brush-On Builder Gel:
• Unique Self-Leveling Formula For No Sidewall Flooding
• Over 21+ Days Of Wear
• Special Brush Length For Maximum Control
• Crystal Clear
• Bubble-Free
• Soak-Off Removal
• Cruelty-Free & Vegan


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