New Easy Eyelash Perming Clips




1 Pair (2pcs), 2 Pair (4pcs)



Intangible fascinating curling (2 months remaining16 minutes OK)

It creates a three-dimensional fascinating curling of eyelashes.
It does not break or damage the eyelashes.
You can make pretty curling by yourself.

Curling clipper  makes the correct C curl.

The comb on the clip pulls up the eyelashes.

The inner safety pad prevents the cream from flowing down.

How to use JJ Easy perm:

1. Apply Essence
Wipe out eye shadow and mascara.
Apply essence evenly around eyebrows.

2. Clip Mounting
Open the customer’s eyes half way, look down, light the clip on the eyeliner of the hand lashes, and place the clip with your middle finger to lock it automatically.

3. Apply No.1 Cream
Squeeze the 1st cream into line 1 and 2 and if the cream doesn’t permeate enough, slide it a little more with the brush to keep it close to the eyelashes.

4. Application time
For healthy eyelashes, keep the No.1 cream for 12 minutes (extend 2 to 3 minutes for straight hair).

5. Test Curl (No.1 Cream Removal)
No.1 After the cream application period is complete, do not loosen the clips and slowly raise them upwards to remove the clips and wipe the cream off.

6. Apply No. 2
Install a new clip, apply No.2 cream in the same way as applying No.1 cream, and let stand for 5 minutes.

7. Finish
When the time for applying No. 2 cream is over, do not loosen the clips and slowly remove the clips, wipe out the cream with a wet tissue, clean the eyelashes, and then apply essence or mascara to finish.




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