New CS LAB Power Repair Cream – Complex System




New Power Repair Cream


Good to use after Microblading, Mayo Needle, Laser, Skin Care Treatment Semi Permanent


Essential item with the best effect on skin care!
Skin care & skin soothing

It relieves tired and sensitive skin caused by various dermatology procedures, and quickly manages damaged skin to make it moist and healthy.
It can be used one by one as an individual pouch(100 pcs), so it is hygienic, and is applied to dry skin, sensitive skin, and where skin regeneration is needed.


How to Use Repair Cream CS Lab

Open one pack. Apply on the whole face and let it absorb it by tapping.


You can use Renewable Cream Repair Cream cream after mesotheraphy and other procedure around eyes, for wrinkles, and any of damaged flesh evenly.

The regenerating cream after the procedure helps to keep the skin hydrated, adding it to useful substances

 A cream of a easy consistence, are well absorbed.

Suitable for all skin types.

Recovery Tattoo Repair Cream
Aftercare Repair Gel Specification:
1. Aftercare Repair Gel Size: 12.3CM×3CM
2. Aftercare Repair Gel Weight: 1g/bag
3. Aftercare Repair Gel Use in Tattoo Body art and practice skin.

Aftercare Repair Gel Feature:
Aftercare Repair Gel: Vitamin A and Vitamin D in a base containing lanoiln, white petrolatum, paraffin and fragrance. For minor burns, diaper rash, nipple care and dry skin.
Directions: Cleanse affected area with mild soap and warm water, apply liberally as needed to affected skin area and cover with a suitable loose dressing, if necessary.

Packing: 100 pcs in 1 box.
Made in Korea.








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