Donawa Nail Care Serum+ & Strengthener Set – Nail solutions to care for damaged nails




Serum+, Strengthener+, Set – Serum+ & Strengthener+




1. Nail strengthening: Contains magnesium & plant extract to help nourish and strengthen nails
2. Smooth nails: Amino acids, a component of protein, act on damaged nails
3. Healthy nails: Various seaweed extracts help smooth circulation around the nails.


Nourishment: Amino acids provide nutrients to damaged nails
Moisture filling: Reinforcing moisture barrier with various fruit extract
Strong nails: Vitamin A, C, E and calcium ingredients strengthen immunity and help nails grow stronger.

How to use
Apply a thin layer of Nail Strengthener+ to the clean nail surface.
Reapply once every 2-3 days.
After a week, when all nutrients are absorbed, remove it with a remover and reapply

After the Nail Strengthener Plus is dry, drop Sail Serum Plus on the cuticle line in a U shape and roll it for absorption.










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