Mulawear MULIC Long Sleeve MLT0840


  Weighing only 100g, Mulawear presents an excellent, lightweight yet reliable alternative to other, poorer-quality clothes, the U-neck design boasting a fashionable yet practical approach to sportswear. These products are designed for both indoor and outdoor sports, as well as weight training, resistance training and cardio based exercises, and don’t come with inbuilt bra pads but are provided free of charge separately to allow you to customise your experience.


Black, Lilac Blue, Powder Pink, Stone Violet, Teal Green


2 (AU 2), 4 (AU 4), 6 (AU 6), 8 (AU 8), 10 (AU 10)



Melange feels like a fabric, light and gently wrapped around the body, the fabric is suitable for those who sweat a lot due to the nature of the cold fabric. It is suitable for various activities indoors and outdoors.
  • Hand wash weakly with cold water
  • Use neutral detergent
  • Do not immerse in water
  • Similar colors when washing
  • Do not use bleach or potent enzyme
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • After draining, flatten and dry in shade
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean
  •  We recommend washing alone.
Transparency Solid colour Partially see – through Somewhat see – through
Thickness Thick Less – thick Thin
Elasticity Rigid Somewhat flexible Flexible
Fit Tight Slim fit Standard fit Loose fit
Lining Lining No lining
Size A bit small Regular size A little big size
Banded Banded Non-banded
Rise Low rise Medium rise High rise

Mulic Plus+

Specifically designed athletics t-shirts are the key to heat and water dissipation during exercise to maintain healthy airflow and cool temperatures. Our fabrics are thin and lightweight whilst also being durable and firm – enhanced by exploring all the possible choices and choosing the best quality and most suitable. Where the material is soft such as silk, it doesn’t restrict your movement in any way and allows for the full rotation and movement of all your muscles and limbs. This new technology incorporated into our clothing products has enhanced it’s quality beyond anything else on the market.
The advanced temperature regulation allows for heat to be released quickly and efficiently, keeping the wearer cool throughout their exercise. The lightweight material is airy and doesn’t weigh the wearer down at all which enhances their performance on the field. As well as being a practical and high-quality addition to the wardrobe, Mulic Plus is also stylish, with a tapered waistline to create a slimmer figure.
The elasticity of the material makes all movements comfortable as there is no restriction on any movement including dynamic movements and stretches in any direction. It also doesn’t wrinkle or crease when worn and is resilient to all weather conditions. Such an innovative new line of products suits everyone regardless of body shape or fitness level, and can be worn practically anywhere safely and comfortably.
Using new 3-Dimentional digital technology, we questioned the traditional design of leggings and generated various designs to create leggings that best suited the natural shape of the human body. After some careful research, we changed the shape of the waistline to reduce lifting




























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