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MAX2 Originale
Rolly King! Eyelash Flying Kit

MAX2 Eyelash Flying Kit is a new high quality kit for eyelash lifting, developed in S.Korea. Perming your lashes frames the eyes, giving the appearance of bigger youthful looking eyes with longer, thicker lashes. It is suitable for different types of lashes. This kit gives long lasting results up to the life of your lashes. Single use packaging makes it sanitary and easy to use. Vegetable ingredients protect eyelash smoothly and resiliently and makes three-dimensional curling last long. This kit comes with everything you need to start perming your lashes for 10 applications. Easy & fast application only takes up to 30 minutes for the whole procedure.

Full List Of Products Included in MAX2 Eyelash Flying Kit:


♦   Eyelash Flying Glue for fixing flying rod in place on the skin and setting eyelashes. It has high fixation power and easy cleansing with warm water.
♦   Eyelash Perming Creams (10 of each)
♦   Flying Essence keeps eyelashes healthy and moisturised, and protects after procedure.
♦   Micro-brushes for extended eyelash removal
♦   Mini eyelash sticks for separating eyelashes during the perming procedure
♦   Silicone Rods: 3 Sizes with different curl option
♦   Silicon Pad










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