LIFENING Beauty Collagen Ampoule 700ml (25ml*28bottles)


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1. Exclusive formula of ‘Low Molecular Weight Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptides’ 2. Low molecular weight collagen is absorbed more easily by the body 3. Portable, convenient, easy-to-drink liquid ampoule 4. Delicious, refreshing, all natural pomegranate flavor Collagen ampoule for skin health that fills up from the inside of the skin. – Moisturising inner skin – Eating Delicious Collagen – Easy and Easy Eating – Fundamental improvement of skin health It helps maintain skin health and moisturization from UV damage. You can manage it deliciously with the scent and taste of pomegranate. You can eat freely anytime, anywhere with your own intake routine.  


Take 1 bottle daily


Nutritional information
1 bottle (25ml)/calorie 25kcal, carbohydrate 4g, sugar 1g, protein 2g, fat 0g, sodium 8mg










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