INCELLDERM PURECELL CLEANSING OIL for Natural Deep Cleansing 145 ml


The cleansing oil effectively removes makeup residue and impurities from skin as the plant-derived oil rich in moisture softly rolls on the face.
Mildly used cleansing oil that gently rolls on the face with moisturising ingredients to cleanse makeup residue and skin waste~– Clean cleansing with 76% natural ingredients
-EWG ALL green grade
-Pure cleansing with gentle but powerful cleansing power -Deep cleansing that melts the oil with oil -The vegetable oil works effectively on makeup and waste, and it also removes strong waterproof makeup as well as sunscreen
-Improved skin transparency and brightness

1.Pump 3 to 4 times on dry palms to get sufficient amount
2.Roll lightly all over your dry face to melt the makeup no-peed water.
3.Apply lukewarm water to your face slightly on your hands and roll for 20 seconds until the oil turns milky.
4.Wash clean with lukewarm water


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