ERIGERON All-in-one Vegan Shampoo Ball



Citron Ball, Snow White Mochi, Hemp Seed, Beet, Pink Clay, Cacao Ball




  • ARTISAN SHAMPOO BAR ERIGERON Solid Shampoo is strong enough to shampoo your hair, yet gentle enough to use on your face. Our UNSCENTED vegan shampoo bar is made with all natural ingredients that are suitable for all hair and skin types. Effectively helps with greasy, dry, curly, flat and textured hair while leaving your hair bouncy and hydrated.
  • Environmentally friendly: we strive for sustainability. We meet our own needs without ever endangering the ability to satisfy their own needs. All our products are environmentally friendly. Our handmade vegan shampoo bars are made with plastic-free and zero-waste packaging.
  • Vegan and natural ingredients: we put the needs of our consumers first to deliver the best products with cruelty-free, vegan, organic and purely natural ingredients that make hair and skin healthier. No pigments added, so it is allergy-free.
  • Effectiveness: Our deep cleansing shampoo bars are suitable for normal to oily hair types that gently clean your scalp of toxins and free your hair from deposits. It is great for people with scalp conditions such as dandruff, itchy scalp and redness. Our bars are always made to get the most out of our natural hair without stripping our natural moisture.
  • High quality: our solid shampoos do not break or crumble unlike other solid shampoos. We develop our spherical shampoo bars with our special method that makes it almost impossible to break them! It is compact and travel-friendly, so you can take it with you on the go.





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