ASIS-TOBE Blooming Rose Mask 5 Masks


  • Rosa Centifolia flower water & Rosa damascena flower oil
  • Hydration & revitalization mask with jelly essence.
Pink jelly essence that contains Rosa Centifolia flower water, Rosa Damascena flower oil, and rosa canina fruit oil helps improving skin hydration and revitalization, while peptide and collagen contribute to improve skin elasticity. Almost-transparent, nature derived cellulose sheet provides enhanced adherence that effectively delivers highly concentrated jelly essence to your skin.  

Apply mask over cleansed face and leave on for 10-20 minutes. Peel off mask gentlv and massage the remaining essence into skin.


  • The highly concentrated rose essence delivers strong moisturizing and vitality to the skin
  • A mask pack contains a bottle of essence filled with Provence rose water, The 33ml highly concentrated essence delivers vitality to the skin.
  • It uses five rose extracts to give your skin vitality and then helps to create a clear skin tone
  • Using a skin-friendly hypoallergenic nude cell sheet, it adheres tightly to facial curves and delivers active ingredients to the skin evenly.
  • Contains hydrolized collagen, Swiss peptides, and adenosine

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