Moolda All-In-One Primer Sun

We all know that the sun damage is the biggest cause of skin ageing, we cannot stop our ageing, but we can slow it down by using the right sun protection.

Applying sunscreen daily has been part of my skin care routine for long time. I never skip it, even on a rainy or cloudy day. I use sunscreen before my base make up. The sunscreen formulation normally gives me a greasy feeling, and putting primer on top of it it just feels too heavy. I tried skipping the primer, but found that Primer is necessary for a good base makeup.

Luckily, I found Moolda All-In-One Primer Sun.

I have a dry skin, but formulation of Moolda Primer Sun works extremely well for this. I feel that it is light weight and easy to apply, and it gives me a slight matte finished film after application which helps when I build up other makeups. It doesn’t make me feel heavy and greasy like other sunscreens. I find it only needs to be applied once, giving me both protection and primer. How great is this!

Finally, I would recommend this product to those who have dry skin or a busy life style like myself.

It is such great timer-saving product which not only has UV protection but also works as a great primer and moisturiser.


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