Mostive Gel Nail Polish – Palette Cake 6 Color Set


1. How can I use it?
It is the best product for three-dimensional art, and it can be used not only for cake art, but also for tweed, knit art, and 2D & 3D art.

2. Is color mixing possible?
It can be mixed with general color gel, and white as the main base can be produced in various ways.
However, it is recommended to increase the ratio of cake gel because the viscosity may be lowered and the texture of the product may be deteriorated.
(Color gel 0.5: Cake gel 1)

3. How is 3D representation possible?
You can express 2D art using a gel brush, and for 3D art, apply cake gel several times.

4. How do I finish the top gel?
Both glossy and matte top gel can be used.
However, due to the nature of the product, when the top gel is completely applied, the texture is covered and the texture may not be expressed.

It is recommended to apply the top gel very thinly or to lightly pat it with a sponge after applying 1 coat.

5. Isn’t the surface very rough?

If the cake gel is layered several times or if the corners are not finished perfectly, it may become rough. When using cake gel and top gel, it is safe to finish the side/free edge neatly.

6. Is the curing stable?

As a result of our own test, stable results were found after 30 seconds of guaring of a UV/LED combined lamp.
Up to 60 seconds is recommended for large amounts of gel or 3D art procedures.

7. Is it easy to put off?

The removal time is almost the same as that of general color gel.
When acetone is turned off, after sufficient filing, wrap in foil for about 10 to 15 minutes.
When using a drill, the removal time is further reduced

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