Drastically reducing the thickness and coarseness of the fabric fibres, the supportive under-layer that complements our tops represents both additional support as well as enhanced comfort while you exercise.

The band underneath the bust has been designed less like standard, more rigid bands seen in other poorer-quality shirts but to be softer and more flexible – moulding to the unique curves of your torso without digging in, providing firm support without stretching the fabric over time and wear or restricting your breathing.

The removal and insertion of the anti-sweat pads has also been modified, changing from standard semi-circular holes to straight openings, as well as adding a flexible 4mm band to enhance durability and ensure the top cannot tear or stretch over time.

The lining has also been drastically improved – where other tops are standardly one fabric and weave, we utilize a bamboo cotton lining on the inner side of the top that touches the skin, and a mesh fabric on the outside to fully enhance comfort. breathability and durability.

Under-layer Band


As with many great innovations, Mulawear’s complex technology is hidden from view or riddled in the miniscule details. To see for yourself – turn the top inside out and have a good look at the stitching on the band that supports the underside of your bust on the inner layer. Inconspicuous but significant, where most bands are folded over in three locations (once at each end and again where the seams meet), our stitching technique has just one seam – strengthening the integrity of the top but also ensuring comfort and eradicating skin irritation without having to fold or crease the band.