Did you know that the average pair of leggings last from 6 months to one year? The higher the frequency of wear, the higher the probability that the fabric with stretch out of shape sooner rather than later.

Here at Mulawear, we believe it is of greatest importance to be constantly improving and upgrading our products, and have hence studied the wear of leggings over time to identify what makes fabrics weaker over time. As a result, we have devised a fabric that uses twice as many threads of fibres half the size, more efficiently resisting the stretch of the fabric and maintaining its shape as well as reducing the instances of broken threads by increasing the density of the fabric by 3 fold. This new approach to the manufacturing of fabrics increases comfort, quality, and performance as well as extending the life span of the leggings.

All of our designs are born and perfected in our development room by Mulawear’s specialist designers – which is where the blueprints for our new, highly advanced fabrics were first constructed. Since then, our products have consistently outshone anything else on the market – and always satisfy our loyal customers as the denser yet freer nature of the fabric moulds to the natural curves of your legs over time.


Mulawear operates the largest factory dealing with yoga or fitness apparel, where all members and workers are veterans in the clothing fabrication industry, maintaining an average of 30 years of outside experience. The quality of our products is of highest priority and such is a main focus for the individual staff that personally oversee all stages of the production and distribution processes.

Excellent Quality

Here at Mulawear, we believe that it lies at the core of a good corporation to provide the best quality products to our customers. We are utilizing the newest technology and professional designers from across the globe to consistently improve upon our designs and present a level of quality in our products that can really be seen and felt by our customers.

We believe that with our line of activewear, the most significant element is the quality of the fabric, which is why we have dedicated most of our time and resources into generating a newer, better fabrics and combinations of fabrics, fibres and weaving styles that enhances your experience.

All of our clothes are fabricated with state-of-the-art technology in facilities overseen by our experienced technicians. Here at Mulawear, we are the largest manufacturers utilizing genuine Korean SUPPLEX fabrics. SUPPLEX is a synthetic fibre optimized for activewear and industrially manufactured by the internationally renowned INVISTA, based in the USA, who ensures only genuine material passes through our extremely high quality control. Standard fabric blends maintain a rate of 50%, whereas Mulawear has devised a unique integration of fabrics that has an 80% SUPPLEX and 20% LYCRA content.

Continuous Quality Control

It has always required a lot of time and money to consistently improve upon the quality of one’s products. Through persistent research, prototyping and feedback, here at Mulawear we have achieved a level of quality unseen in any other brands clothes – the result of years of refinement. Although the process is gradual, incremental improvements add up over time and the progression in our designs can be clearly seen throughout our years, to achieve the level of luxury seen in our high-end products today.