Our advanced, anti-sweat bra pads are the result of third generation research and prototyping – encouraging air circulation as well as fully absorbing sweat, leaving you without that clammy feeling and being easy to wash clean without stains or lingering smell.

The overall perforation of our fabrics allows for total and efficient circulation of air between the fabric and your skin, leaving you feeling fresh as well as allowing for the further absorption of sweat, and later, efficient discharge of sweat from the fabric.

The ergonomic design of the bra follows the natural shape of a woman’s torso, allowing for compression in appropriate areas and a more comfortable fit without being restrictive or digging into the skin.

Our 10g pads are lighter than any other pads found in bras or under-layered shirts and eliminate the feeling of weight or being dragged down for a lighter, freer experience.

They are composed of 4 layers, unlike other single fabric, stuffed pads. A thin layer of memory foam allows the pad to mould to the natural shape of your unique breasts and urethane foam ensures the shape is maintained without wrinkles or creases – providing you with a customised experience perfectly shaped to your individual needs. A breathable mesh fabric is used as the inner lining to eradicate skin irritation and promote air circulation and a more elastic, interlocked fabric holds the pad together in a comfortable fashion.