3D pattern

We questioned the traditional, standard design of leggings and through the use of 3-dimensional digital renders have created a design  that more appropriately accommodates the structure of the human body.
The first change we made was changing the waistband, making it more similar to the oval shape of the waist to prevent lifting, as well as ensuring the fabric was less thick to relieve tight pressure when moving or stretching as found in standard leggings.
Additionally, as opposed to a straight-leg, we also added a curve that encompasses the natural size of the calf – promoting a slim fit that better serves both comfort as well as efficiency.
Finally, we also moderated compression, ensuring that our leggings are not restrictive but apply a healthy amount of compression to feel comfortable on the muscles and create that slim-fit figure.

Feel the luxurious quality for yourself at a comparatively very affordable price, Mulawear has derived the golden proportions for compression over different areas of the leg. Perfectly balancing the ankles, calves, knees, thighs, hips and waist, our leggings are the highest end quality available on the market.