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Laundry Guide


Product Care and Laundry Guide

–          All of our clothes are made from the highest quality fabrics, which means if you look after your clothes properly, you’ll be able to wear them for years to come.

–          Pro tip: always wash your clothes as soon after exercise as possible and try not to re-wear the same item for two sessions in a row without washing as the salt in your sweat will build up in the fabric and will be increasingly hard to wash out completely. This is a mistake many people make as they rely on odour to tell when to wash a shirt or pair of leggings. Our anti-bacterial technology prevents body-odours so you feel comfortable in the gym, so don’t be fooled by a sweet-smelling shirt.

–          Sweat also weakens the integrity of any fabric – and with active wear especially, may cause the transferal of dye between clothes – so always be careful when overlapping clothes during an intense workout; unfortunately even the highest quality materials can’t prove 100% efficient all the time.

–          To wash the clothes, don’t use a washing machine but hand wash them inside out in cold water in order to ensure they last for years.

–          Don’t soak the clothes in water before washing either – as it allows the sweat to further absorb into the inner linings.

–          To dry, leave the clothes to air dry naturally and don’t overlap clothes as the dyes might transfer between fabrics.

–          Try to avoid using chlorine, fabric softener, baby detergent, hand soap, shampoo, etc. for washing the clothes as these chemicals will weaken the integrity of the fabric – instead try using a neutral detergent designed for clothing specifically.

–          Don’t dry clean the clothes and also try to avid ironing, however our anti-wrinkle technology should eliminate the need for ironing anyway.

–          Remove the pads from the inner layer of the clothes and wash separately for a really thorough clean