Don’t fit my body to the standards of beauty.

Noblex is a fabric designed  for a woman’s healthy.  It holds your body firmly and does not compress your lower abdomen.

Introducing the new signature fabric NOBLELUX Noblex, which puts women’s health first.

Feel the true comfort of NOBLELUX

Noblelux is a high-quality fabric designed for healthy, breathable sportswear. Acting as a second skin, it hugs your unique curves and provides firm support without compressing your body or restricting your movements. The thin, double-sided weaving creates a luxuriously soft effect so you can exercise in style, comfort and fashion.
  • Cooling in the summer and warm in winter, Noblelux is perfect for all year round wear.
  • The double-sided, high-gauge fabric stays in pristine condition after years of wear, and doesn’t reflect light or fade as many poorer-quality clothes begin to do as they age.
  • The innovative design has been optimised for comfort, and has been specially designed to not irritate the lower abdomen, lymph glands or y-zone.
  • Boasting 99% UV protection and blockage, the wearer can be assured that these products are safe and protective for their skin, and is perfect for those with sensitive skin or who burn easily.
  • Similar to a second skin, these clothes hug the skin without restricting movement and provide firm support while still being breathable. They are also reliable and stay in place, not shifting under dynamic movements and does not irritate the skin.
  • They maintain a clean, unstained appearance even after long periods of wear, even over larger areas or areas more prone to sweat such as the lower back.







MLP0917-NC / MLP0918-NC


Check out the NOBLELUX version of no-cut pants in a variety of details, from lettering leggings to pocket leggings!
NO-CUT SERIES  which have been custom-designed for girls under 160cm in height, have been upgraded in design and performance.