Neoflex is a high-density, high-gauge fabric constructed with double-sided weaving that boasts a lightweight, breathable, yet firm and supportive fit. Perfect for any workout, clothes of this fabric promote high-performance and confident exercising. Incorporating Elastane yarn from an internationally renowned corporations, Invista, the breathability and elasticity boasts excellent quality and resilience that lasts over long periods of wear.
  • The airy double-sided weaving allows for the movement of air, ensuring high-quality breathability and lightweight design.
  • The quick dry function encompasses excellent absorption of and efficient discharge of sweat quickly and easily, further ensuring the sweat doesn’t stain the fabric of the clothes even after years of wear and can be washed out efficiently for a fresh new wear.
  • Thanks to the woven design, there is no glare as seen in poorer-quality fabrics.
  • There is a minimum of 38g difference between our products and those offered by other companies, with high-support leggings being 144g lighter, ensuring an extremely lightweight and comfortable experience.
  • The temperature regulation technology and design ensures the products can be worn year round, at any time of the day.


Neoflex is a high density fabric that is lighter than regular fabric. High density fabrics are heavier than yarns because of the high density of yarns. However, Neoflex fabrics are lighter and cooler than regular single-sided leggings with air holes in the fabrics, even though they are high density double-sided fabrics. It feels cool when you touch it and has a quick-dry function that absorbs and releases moisture quickly, making it comfortable to wear in midsummer.
Outstanding high support, excellent elasticity and resilience, light weight and quick-drying experience make Neoflex feel everything.