When inspiration strikes, it’s more than just thinking but expressing an idea and sharing that for the betterment of the quality of our experiences. We have reinterpreted the needs we face for our physical exercise and transformed that into new, innovative activewear that perfectly encompasses what it means to be active, meeting the tastes and personalities of our customers.

Brilliante is Mulawear’s premium printing line that helps us create our luxurious but affordable sportswear. Our inspiration comes from the world around us, whether that be the beautiful natural landscapes or towering skyscrapers, and is then turned into different prints and styles to which there are no limit! From traditional, ethnically significant patterns to floral and funky – we’re doing it all. So take a break from the mundane and come try our quality designs and see for yourself that fashion doesn’t always have to be at the expense of comfort.

Ornate Pattern
Drawing inspiration from all walks of life, the designs that were born are both aesthetic and functional. Our eco-friendly production techniques generate vivid colours and high-quality fabrication in limited amounts and editions so get yours today before they run out!