Airstream is a thin, double-sided woven fabric that is denser than most other fabrics found in clothes but still allows for excellent air circulation and breathability. The airiness of the fabric assists in the absorption of sweat as well as its discharge later in the wash, and helps with temperature regulation and airflow. Additionally, the lycra content has been increased from the standard 18% to 34.5% to dramatically enhance elasticity and unrestricted movement as well as resilience and durability of the fabric.
  • The tens of thousands of minuscule holes allow for excellent airflow between the fabric and your skin, with also prevents the growth of bacteria.
  • The excellent sweat absorption and discharge capabilities are enhanced with the quick dry technology, ensuring the quality of the fabric can be maintained over years of wear.
  • The high-density woven fabric that boasts double-sided weaving ensure there is no glare.
  • The lightweight design of the material boasts an incredible 280g and ensures a comfortable and lightweight experience.
  • The elasticity ensures the fabric can be stretched in all directions without losing form or strength.
  • The strong durability and UV blockage technology boasts 1% shrinkage which is far less than seen in many other poorer-quality clothes.
  • The cooling effect created by the stimulated airflow and air circulation between the fabric and skin shows how perfect these clothes are for outdoor use as well as indoor activities.