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Women have been decorating their fingernails for generations, if not for centuries. False nails also have a long history, but until the mid-20th century this was the privilege of the wealthy. But today many women enjoy elegant looking false nails in a variety of designs.
Where other cosmetic enhancements are meant to look natural, false fingernails can look fancy. They are more like jewellery that makeup. We want them to be decorative.

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Modern artificial nails are made to be short term and disposable. They are designed to last about a week. It is a mistake to think that longer lasting nails would be any advantage. The grown of the natural nail underneath the false nail would steadily cause a gap to appear at the cuticle. And having something permanently attached to the natural nails is unhealthy in the long term.
False nails will also suffer from household cleaning products, chlorine in pools and other aspects of the environment. Over time this compromises their appearance. It is best to replace the nails before this damage become apparent.
Acrylic nails can be replaced each week. It is advisable to leave them off for one day in 7 so the natural nails can remain healthy. So 6 days with acrylic nails and one day rest is a good routine.

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With the easy availability of good quality nails in many designs it is quite possible to choose designs to fit the occasion. Have fancy nails for Christmas and the office party, and a different design for Halloween. Or just change designs to suit your mood.
Order a variety of nails online, so you always have plenty of options for any occasion.