AS there is the principle of circulation in nature, and so in skin.

Time to skin farming with miesoo : The root of life on earth, Seed. There is amazing life energy, moist and nourishment in a small seed.

All circulations in nature are based on Yin-Yang School and the principle of coexistence. Only if the root of skin cycles well, we can feel filled from deeper side liveliness on our face. As harmony of 8 basis such as water, wind, land and so on complete circulations of nature, miesoo carefully select 8 energy from seeds and mix them harmoniously, let the flower of new age bloom on your skin.

  1. Recover skin balance by 8 different seeds power.
  2. Composed of upper 80% of EWG green grade ingredients.
  3. Through the dermatology test has proven non-irritating products.
  4. Allergen-Free Fragrance
  5. Anti-wrinkle and whitening dual functional products.